Higher Vibrations Music increases the strength of Harmony and Love in our world through individual and community singing.

We invite you to participate in providing hundreds of pieces of choral music to thousands of choirs and millions of voices.

Here are a few ways to be involved.

Our HVM curriculum empowers people to sing beautifully and boldly in harmony with others. Your free membership allows you full access to our songs, sheet music, videos, discussion and more.

Our music touches your heart, uplifts your spirit, and deepens your connection with your true self and with others. Explore our Higher Vibrations Music Library.

Your one-time or ongoing support helps us develop and distribute an expanding library of Higher Vibrations Music to the world.

We invite you to assist in the development, production and promotion of specific songs which resonate with your heart and soul.

We are holding virtual events through Zoom and live streaming events through Facebook and YouTube weekly. View our events calendar and join us.

Share your time, talents and skills in bringing Harmony to our World.