An Ocean Of Mercy 🎵


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Baritone: Jeff Dolan / Piano: HG Moses

HG Moses: Piano

This music sings of an infinitely merciful Love which is eternally calling us homeward on our journey.

Photo: Pexels


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Composer’s Notes:

This song was inspired when walking along the edge of an ocean observing the endless ebb and flow of the shimmering waves crashing on the beach.  A sudden wave rushed in far enough to drench my feet.  In this moment by the sea, I realized this was a living metaphor for the mercy of God’s infinite Love, ever crashing upon the shore of my own life.

Within the context of the inherently resonant waves of the Harmony of the Cosmos, I am inspired that the ‘Ancient of Days’ is ever pulling, leading, and eternally pleading to each of us.  May our hearts be willing to follow this impulse of Love in every moment.

I find solace in knowing that this ever-enduring Love is calling me, beseeching me, and eternally reaching to me – leading me homeward, every moment.


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