And Thus I Know 🎵


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Soprano: Danielle Moreland-Ochoa / Piano: HG Moses

Piano: HG Moses

“The beauty and wonder of nature provides us with endless examples of the Love of God as made manifest in form – and thus we know.”

Photo: (Pexels)

Composer’s Notes:

This lovely and lyrical song of praise encourages us to recognize the Love of God as found in the beauty and wonder of Nature. Here, made manifest in form, we can ‘know’ the ever-encompassing Love of God intimately.

We find God’s face in the beauty of the morning skies, and sense God’s loving Grace in the clouds that shade us. The blowing winds remind us of God’s guidance, and the flowing streams bring us sweet relief as we drink from their cooling waters.

The falling rain washes away the sorrow and grief that we encounter, and the waves of the ocean remind us of the ceaseless ebb and flow of Eternity. The mountains rising in the distance remind us of God’s majesty, as the echos of the deep valleys and the soft breeze in the forests whisper to us, calling our name.

We lay our body down in fields of green while looking upon the glorious wonder of our starry skies. Here we see God’s radiant crown as in our hearts we listen to the sweetest sound of the angels singing to the glory of God’s ever-present Love.

And thus I know…

This song is dedicated to the loving memory of Joseph MacArthur Riddle.

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