I Lift Up Your Name 🎵


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Piano recording by HG Moses

A prayer of uplifting and healing for those who are in our hearts and minds.

Photo: Jonas Ferlin (Pexels)


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Composer’s Notes:

This song is an uplifting and healing prayer. In our choir, some singers report that friends and loved ones that they sang for, mentioned feeling a sense of relief, hope, stress reduction or spiritual connection during the evening they were being sung for.

As we sing together in Harmony, we affirm that we are in accord with the angels, who sing together in the Divine Symphony of Love. We first lift our own heart into the Heavens, which is both a poetic and proven method to achieve communion and connection. There, we can freely surrender to Love, knowing that the outcome of our prayers is always an open-ended possibility determined by Love. We then acknowledge, as always, that the Energy of Divine Love is actively flowing. By surrendering to this flow in our hearts, we are utterly free to receive this Healing Love.

After we sing the 1st verse together, there is a brief piano interlude. During this time, either in a whisper or aloud, we name the names of all the people we are lifting up. There is ample time to lift up many names since there is no need to take turns as the names are spoken. As we conclude by singing the song a second time, we utilize the italicized lyrics.

From our place of conscious connection, we are now well-positioned to lift up those we wish to send Healing Love. We visualize them receiving divinely potent and powerful Energy. Healing Love flows into them, assisting their journey.

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