In Fields Of Green 🎵


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Soprano Solo: Danielle Moreland-Ochoa / Piano: HG Moses

Baritone Solo: Jeff Dolan / Piano: HG Moses

Piano: HG Moses

A gentle, heartful song of remembrance and memorial for the passing of a loved one.

Photo: Lisa Fotios (Pexels)


Composer’s Notes:

The lyrics of this song of remembrance poetically explore remarkably vivid images and memories of a departed friend.  These sensations can be stimulated by moments found in our everyday life or by things we see in nature.  We speak of someone having passed, yet we may still feel them, hear them, or sense them.  In some way or ways we find them sharing space with us in our world’s reality.

The warmth of the sun, the softness of an ocean breeze, or the coolness of windy rain may cause us to have vivid memories which may even seem like they are occurring in the moment.  Our thoughts and feelings may provide a vivid replay of their face and their smile, as well as the sound of their laughter or the warmth of their touch.  Even though we know their physical form is no longer of this world, we may still feel them being energetically present.

I like to think of this experience as being akin to a vapor trail from a moving flame.  They have passed, yet their energy, their field effect, is still with us.  Thus we find they are far more than a memory.  We know with an unexplainable certainty that they are near, simply because we feel their presence.  These soulful connections encourage the love within our heart to flow like a spring.  In that place of utter love, we find ourselves free to send them a kiss…and wish them a wish that they walk ‘tween the cedar and the heather on their journey.

This lovely song was in response to the death of our dear friend, Hayden. The following video is in honor of the life of Berny Dohrmann, founder of CEO Space.  As Berny put it “As I change your world, you change my world, and as we change our world together, we change THE world”.

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