May Ev’ry Breath 🎵


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The StarHouse Ensemble

A song of praise to God’s radiant Love as exemplified by the brightly burning solar fire of our Sun.

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Composer’s Notes:

This song of adoration and dedication is a prayer in which we explore the idea of being fully present in every breath and every heartbeat. Frankly, it’s a huge challenge, yet it is a worthy ideal to pursue. ‘Presence of heart and mind’ becomes more doable each time we embrace the possibility. Fortunately, breaths are taken again and again, and thus the opportunity to more fully experience the Light that burns bright within our hearts, is given over and over.

The word every (or ev’ry) is a “determiner” that precedes a singular noun. It is used to refer to “all the individual members of a set without exception”. My lyrics often use the word ev’ry – ev’ry plant, ev’ry cell, ev’ry heart, ev’ry being, etc. In some cases, such as in the song Ev’ry Vibration, this determiner states a fact of nature, and/or a function of the physics of Cosmos. In this song, however, the word ev’ry speaks more to an ideal – a spiritual or philosophical approach to life which may cultivate a more conscious awareness of God.

Surely, we cannot go backward in time to assure that ev’ry breath we have ever taken calls out to God. Fortunately, we can conceptualize that idea as a goal – a direction that we choose to move toward – a possibility for increased spiritual connection in more and more moments of life. Just as our solar system is continuously illuminated by our Sun, our hearts and minds can also be illumined by the Divine Light of God.

Consider these questions:
What is it that the sun reveals to you about the nature and essence of God?
What could happen in your life if increasingly each breath you took called out to God, and each heartbeat sang God’s name?

This song was premiered by the StarHouse Choir in Boulder, CO.

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