Purpose and Meaning 🎵


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Baritone Solo: Jeff Dolan / Piano: HG Moses

Piano Accompaniment: HG Moses

“May my heart in that moment draw only to thee, and my life know its purpose and meaning.”

Photo: Adobe Stock

Composer’s Notes:

This song addresses those moments of our spiritual journey that are punctuated by trial and tribulation. Though we climb ever higher to a ‘mountain top’, our journey traverses rugged trails with rocks that slide beneath our feet. At times we are required to forge our way through thorns and snares that tear at us.

In these moments we call to the Spirit, that our heart may awaken, and that we be drawn closer to God.

The sorrows and pains that we encounter may wind tightly round our heart like cords that bind us. We may loose courage as our fears rage around us like a storm on a sea. There may be moments where our lives feel confused, desperate and vexing.

Yet, at these very moments we can call to the Spirit to awaken our heart as we are drawn closer to God’s Love.

We fix our gaze on the stars in the heavens, allowing ourselves to be pulled deeply into the Wonder of Cosmos, and the surety of God’s Love. From this perspective we find encouragement and hope for every step of our journey. We can even ask that our last breath be without sorrow and void of pain. As we are drawn ever closer to Love, we will pass from this world to the next with the surety of knowing our Purpose and Meaning.

This song was premiered on October 1, 2000, with baritone soloist Dennis Rowland at the “Harmony, Hubble and Music for the Heart” concert in Phoenix, AZ. This new re-written version features the beautiful baritone voice of Jeff Dolan.

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  • Vocal Scores:
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    • Mezzo-Soprano SOLO
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    • Baritone SOLO, Piano & String Bass