Silent Promise 🎵


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Piano by HG Moses

The Gettin’ Higher Choir (Archive recording)

A song of forgiveness of one’s actions, and acknowledging the ability of Love to transform one’s heart.

Photo: Valeria Boltneva (Pexels)

Composer’s Notes:

This song of forgiveness begins with a lesson we can learn from a seed, buried deep within the soil, under the snow. Here in the cold and darkness of winter, the seed lays dormant, waiting
for a time when the warmth of the sun will bring it to life. When that seed has sprouted and grown into a plant laden with buds, the harshness of the long winter is forgotten, supplanted by
the beauty and glory of a blossoming flower.

And so it is with a wounded heart. Once angry words are spoken, or cruelties are inflicted, sorrows take their inevitable toll. In this ‘winter’ a heart can become dormant – frozen by the
sadness of these bitter memories.

“Yet within each heart there comes a time of healing; in that moment life springs forth from death!  In the beauty and joy of forgiveness, oh the Love of God shall sweep away the sorrows of the past.”

In these lyrics, I express the idea that the desire to forgive can arise in an instant. Much like a dormant seed, the perfect time for healing depends on a number of factors. Most of us have
experienced some form of quick forgiveness. There can also be forgiveness that comes after extended periods of anger, sorrow or grief. In either case, the impulse to forgive is, in essence,
a spark that sets the energy in motion.

The rose symbolizes God’s Love at work in the world, thus I love the idea that somewhere within my ‘heart of hearts’ stands a Perfect Rose. It is another way of expressing that I am a seed of the
Divine. Meister Eckhart said, “The seed of God is in us: Pear seeds grow into pear trees; Hazel seeds into hazel trees; And God seeds into God.” The Perfect Rose within your heart is blooming
with possibility!

I invite you to consider and respond to these questions:

“Are there things that people do that you routinely forgive each day?”

“Think for a moment about a time when you suddenly decided to forgive someone or something from your past. How did that make you feel?



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