Take Me Higher 🎵


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Video: Baritone solo: Jeff Dolan;  Piano: HG Moses


Baritone: Jeff Dolan / Piano: HG Moses

Piano: HG Moses

We are encouraged to do our part as we surrender to Love, and tip our wings into the sweet Spirit breeze!

Photo: Sachin C Nair (Pexels)


Composer’s Notes:

This song presents the possibility of rising above the trials, tribulations, and challenges of life as individuals and as a community. While acknowledging the depths of the valley, the heights of the climb, the roughness of the path, and the obstructive nature of all that attempts to impede us, we invoke Spirit to take us, move us, draw us, make us, and guide us on our journey. We sing of vision and purpose, asking that when fear comes, we be made valiant and bold!

We affirm that we are willing to lend a hand, willing to take a stand, willing to change our lives and willing to carry Light! Then like a Phoenix rising, our journey in song takes us high into the sky where we tip our wings into the sweet Spirit breeze and fly, fly, fly! We join our voices with the angelic chorus and together we sing to glorious Love!

This anthem encourages consciously surrendering to Love Energy, as we set our vision on a world that is free. Guided by Spirit, we ever lead into our future and our Destiny. We conclude this inspiring, high energy call-to-action music by re-affirming our willingness to lend a hand, take a stand, change our lives, and carry Light!

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